5 Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Kitchen and Pantry

It is such a nightmare when we see unwelcome pests around our kitchen and near our food. Who would know where they came from and where they have crawled? Some pests are also known to carry germs and diseases. There may be roaches, fruit flies, rodents, weevils and many more kinds – crawling around our food, spreading bacteria and contaminating food in a “sacred” space in the home.

Homeowners should always be on the lookout for this pests. That’s why we listed some tips that you could apply to keep these pests away from your kitchen pantry, as much as possible. Prioritize the cleanliness of your home, especially where the food is!

1. Most basic and important: Proper Storage

I cannot stress this enough. Start with this and it will make a drastic change in keeping pests away. How will pests reach their target (food) when they can’t get it, right? Invest in insect-resistant containers, such as thick plastic and metal containers with a tightly fitted lid. Always stock up on airtight containers.

2. Keep the area clean

Pests are attracted to food spillage, crumbs, loose foods and open garbage – it’s like you are serving them food by leaving them in the open area, free to infest on. Immediately wipe countertops, tables, floors, and shelves. Garbages should also be sealed properly and thrown out regularly.

clean kitchen marble counter top to keep pests away

3. Seal any entryways of insects

Watch out for cracks and crevices around the kitchen area where pests may use as an entry point.Be sure to seal them immediately. Drains in the sink aren’t exempted – especially when a drain is clogged or filled with filth, it can actually attract insects of sorts and they may even live there. Good thing we can avoid clogging our drain and lessen the attraction our kitchen gives to pests.

4. The organic way: Bay Leaves

These leaves can work some magic among pests because of its pungent smell which the insects hate. You can add these leaves in a canister and packages of dry goods like rice, flour, and other grains.bay leaves scattered on wooden table to keep pests away

5. Keep eyes open when shopping

Be a smart shopper and always look at the packages of the items you’re buying.Make sure there are no signs of damages. Some grocery items tend to be infested on upon purchase. You definitely don’t want to bring these pests into your home and damage all the other goods.

Another important pointer when shopping is to check the expiration date. When you see expired items, inform the clerks. Back at home, toss away any products that are past their expiration date or have been stored for a long period of time.

Deal with Pests Immediately in Your Kitchen and Pantry

If you are currently dealing with pests infestation in your kitchen, or anywhere at all in your home, there are some DIY remedies you can do. But the best way to deal with them instantly and completely is to call a Professional Pest Exterminator for help. They would know the right methods and techniques to totally get rid of them. Quality exterminators also give advice to their clients regarding on what to do to prevent the infestation in the future.

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