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7 Important Garage Door Maintenance and Safety Tips

As homeowners, we should always ensure the safety of our Loved ones and ours as well. Owning a Garage Door means we have to maintain its safety condition – since it’s most likely the biggest moving object in our home and can pose a danger. Of course, doing maintenance on it will also help ensure both the Safety Condition and Maintain its Proper Function to operate Smoothly, Quietly and Safely.

Here are some Regular Maintenance Tips for your Garage Door to keep it Safe:

Observe: Look and Listen

See to it if it moves Smoothly or Jerky. The Garage Door produces a lot of movement and vibrations which can cause some parts to loosen and some old rusty parts to break, especially when they are under extreme tension. Take a look at your Hinges and Rollers.

Tip: Replace Rollers after 3 to 4 Years

Tighten Bolts and Lubricate Parts

Because of a lot of Movement and Vibrations, hardware can loosen especially when a Garage Door is used every single day – which most likely is happening. Be sure to examine and tighten the bolts, hinges, and roller brackets.

Don’t forget about Parts that are in need of Lubrication! Remember that your Garage Door needs to be Greased Up. This will just take you about 10 minutes every year in exchange for added years of smooth operation of your Garage Door System. Use motor oil or spray lubricant on your Springs, and White Lithium Grease on you Opener’s Chain.

Check the Cables

Cables should always be in Good Optimal Condition because they are the main parts responsible for the actual opening and closing of the Heavy Garage Door. But don’t tinker with high spring tension cables on your own because it has enough force to bring you in danger and should only be handled by Professionals. What you can do is check for broken cable strands and other damages and be sure to ask help from a Professional Garage Door Technician if you find one.

Test the Auto Reverse System/Safety Sensors

Auto Reverse System is your Garage Door’s Auto-Stop Feature. When the door detects an obstruction, it will automatically return to the open position. Test this by putting something below the center of the door and see to it that it reverses when it touches the obstruction. When it doesn’t work, immediately call a Professional Garage Door Service to fix it for you.

Test the Emergency Manual Release

The Emergency Release is the Red Handle hanging from a rope which allows you to manually control the Garage door and bring it up or down as you please. If it gets partially stuck, be sure to call a Professional and let them handle it for you.

Big no-no for Free Rides

Kids may find it fun to ride on the Garage Door handle which exposes them to possible dangers. Teach children that the Garage Door isn’t a toy and ensure that they keep their hands and fingers away from the panels of the Garage Door.

Check the Garage Door itself

Garage Doors have different types of Materials. Knowing the material of your Door will give you an insight on how to maintain it. For Wood Doors, check for water damages, chips, and warps. Steels tend to develop rust spots so be sure to sand, prime and paint them. Also, keep your Garage Door clean regularly by washing it at the same time you wash your Car.

Always ensure the Safe Operation of Your Garage Door and keep it maintained and clean regularly! If you need any help in keeping your Garage Door in smooth operation or if it needs a check-up, repair or tune-up, be sure to choose a reliable Professional Garage Door Service. Just like our favorite Company, Fort Lee Garage Doors, they will surely keep your Garage Doors in safe working order!

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