floor tiles - refinish vs reglaze

Floor Tiles: Refinish or Replacement?

In order to make your house a beautiful place, the tile is vital. It’s a location where you’re free to do anything you want. Choosing a tile is an important decision, and you should take it seriously. Do not only go with the cheapest option; weigh the advantages and disadvantages as well.

Knowing the pros and cons of each kind of concrete flooring can help you determine which is best suited to your lifestyle and your family’s demands. For the sake of your house, this piece will examine the merits and cons of both techniques.

Refinishing floor tiles

When a floor tile has been refinished, it will resemble the original tile’s appearance. The finish will be immaculate and stain-proof. After a thorough refinishing, there will be no signs of wear or stains on the floor’s surface. Refinishing your tile or countertop to make it appear like it was just installed might be as simple as reglazing your bathtub or resurfacing your countertop.

A professional reRefinisher may be required to complete the task of refinishing a floor tile. Equipment and soap specifically designed to remove mildew, filth, mold, and dirt from floor tiles are needed for the procedure. Additionally, specific glues, solvents, and brushes are needed to clean the grout lines throughout this operation.

After carefully cleaning the floor tiles, a protective coating is applied. The floor tile will be completely dry and free of moisture or stains when this procedure is completed. Before utilizing the final tiles on your flooring, you must allow the layer to cure fully.

Floor Tile Refinishing has several advantages, including the following:

  • Afterward, the floor tiles will be spotless and free of any stains or wear.
  • The tiles will seem as though they’ve just been installed for the first time in years. In locations with a high concentration of speculators, this may assist raise the value of your house.
  • One visit is all that is required to finish the procedure. Follow-up visits are unnecessary after the first procedure is complete.

Replacement of the floor tiles

Replace a floor tile by taking out the old one and installing a new one. If you do some study on the sort of tile you’d want to utilize, this may be accomplished.

If you are unable to accomplish the task on your own, it is advised that you employ a floor tile specialist. These professionals have the right tools and know-how to take up your old floor tile and put down a new one in its place. Finishing touches like grout lines and sealants are then applied before the tiles are covered in a protective coating that enables them to cure fully before being used on your floor.

Replace Your Floor Tiles for These Reasons

  • Your floor will be scratch and stain-free once you replace the floor tile.
  • There will be no usage of toxic chemicals in the process.
  • The tile will have a fresh appearance and a beautiful surface finish. When you live in an area where speculators are interested, this may assist to raise the value of your property.

Floor Tile Replacement has its drawbacks

  • At the very least, you’ll need to make two trips: once to do away with the old floor tile and again to replace it.
  • The color of your new floor tiles is out of your hands.
  • Refinishing requires more time.
  • To do this task on your own, you may need to invest in specialized sealers and other equipment.
  • It may be difficult to obtain a floor tile that matches your original.
  • Changing a floor tile necessitates removing a portion of the old tile.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that the final outcomes of floor tile restoration and replacement are the same. However, the procedures varies greatly and may incur additional expenses as a consequence. The replacement will be more expensive financially. Additionally, you may want to take into account the time and complexity of doing so yourself.

The wear and tear on your floor should also be taken into account if you opt to replace a soiled or damaged tile. While refinishing will eliminate the stains and restore the floor’s original luster, replacing a tile ensures that the new one will last for many years to come and be put to good use.

Consider your individual requirements and circumstances when weighing the pros and drawbacks of repairing or replacing your floor. Consider your finances and the amount of time you have available before making a decision on the best way to remodel your property. You should keep in mind that increasing the total worth of your property may be accomplished in either direction.

kitchen lighting

How to Improve Your Interior Lighting and Make the Most of Your Home

Lights are fairly used every single day and are essential in a household. A little magic of good lighting can make a big difference in a room – be it artificial or natural lighting, both can have a big impact on the look, feel and function of your home. Make the most of your home with these simple and easy ways you can apply to improve the lighting of your home.

Have natural lights and let the sunshine in!

big window in office for homeimprovement

Sunlight is also known to be an antidote to depression and can easily uplift someone’s mood! All you need to add natural light are multiple windows and consider a glass door. Another bonus is that you can cut down on electric cost because then you will be less reliant on electrical lighting.

Pick the proper bulb

Know first what kind of lighting you want and need. Some rooms can be brighter, like the bathrooms and laundry room, while some can have warmer lights like the living room and dining room. LED Bulbs having 2700K (Kelvin Temperature) have a warm yellow light and bulbs with 3000K are the white lights.

Have some candles for ambianceround candle light by the window for home improvement

For a warmer, comfy feeling, candle lights can exactly give your home that touch. It can also add to the relaxing vibe – bonus is scented candles that can give a soothing aroma in the room for a much better ambiance feel!

Add a Dimmer

Want an easy way to control the mood and brightness of the light depending on the time of the day? Dimmer is the answer!  Adjust from bright light to low light. Keep in mind that the dimmer should be compatible with the light you’re using and has a nice quality. There are high-quality dimmers that you can get in Home Depot   

Install Skylight in your ceilingskylight in the ceiling for home improvement

Pull in more natural light and save more on energy cost with skylights or “windows of the roof”. Having skylights can have various physical and psychological effect – not can it just bring a new life to the room, but it will definitely improve your health and mood making you happier!

Have Mirrors around your home

Having a mirror can reflect more light, bounce them around and give an impression of a bigger space. Consider also using glossy or eggshell finish which has a better ability to bounce lights, compared to flat matte finishes.

Experiment with Pendantslight pendants for homeimprovement

Pendants are a great way for lighting and style. Just use your imagination and creativity with mixing and matching different pendants from different collections to come up with some unique look.

WOW with your entrance

First impressions last, that’s why consider wowing your guests right in your doorstep! Chandeliers can be installed in your entryway or any other lamp furniture that can be an accent and gets attention.

Consider the scale and create a focal pointliving room with big floor lamp

Having larger sculpture lamp or oversized pendants can definitely create an impression in the room. Just make sure it fits the room and other furniture, also make sure the size compliments the space of the room and doesn’t make the room look stuffy.

Now, remember that lighting has a power to make or break an interior scheme. Make your home reflect more of your personality with the moods you’ll set up with your lighting.


Getting The Most Out of Your House

Real Estate Brokers will tell you that if you want to sell your house there are some things that you should definitely do. It helps the broker, which does two things. First, it encourages the broker because he/she has an easier time. It’s only human nature. You don’t want a broker to dread showing your house. A well-prepared house sells itself. Second, it helps you maximize the return and speeds up the sale, both of which are in your interest.

OK, so how do you prepare? First, you have to get rid of extraneous items. Most houses get cluttered after years of living in them. In fact, you get so used to having things around, you don’t see them any longer. Unconsciously, a buyer does not want to feel your presence.

A buyer must be made to picture him/herself belonging to the house. Your stuff, which you love and are proud of, is a negative. Many houses are over-furnished. Get rid of excess furniture. Less furniture makes the rooms look bigger. If you can afford it, get a professional stage. They can do wonders for a house.

After living in a house for years, you may lose the ability to think outside the furnishing box. Staging a house will get it sold faster and get you a higher price. It’s a good investment. Also, stagers usually have a stock of classy items to fill in what you’re missing. Vases, pillows, conversation pieces are available with you having to buy them.

The house should look as new as you can make it. If the house outside is landscaped see that everything is up to date, mowing, trimming etc. If it’s winter time. Make sure the walkways and driveway are plowed. This goes for the backyard and deck, too. It should look like it’s not a big deal. Inside, you want each room to look like a furniture showroom. IF the walls look mangy, freshen them up with a paint job where it needs it. Make sure everything functions. All appliances should work and be clean. Doors and windows should open and close without a problem. Light switches should all work and there should never, never be a missing bulb. The basement and attic should be clean and well organized. The garage should look like it could be a room inside the house.

There is a tendency to clutter the basement and garage in order to make the house neat. That doesn’t work. The garage and basement indicate to a buyer, whether true or not, that the house it properly cared for. If you have to, get a storage place to keep the stuff until you move.

When your house is ready, get a broker in to tell you what else you should do. They are usually very helpful. They know what buyers look at. And never be home when the house is being shown. And you certainly don’t want to be available to answer stupid questions if your broker sets up an open-house, don’t be there.

door hinge

3 Quick Fix DIY – Squeaky Door Hinges

Doors get a LOT of use around the house. We literally go in and out of them constantly! Sometimes all that wear can cause doors to either get squeaky or to get sticky, depending on what’s going on with them. In order to fix your door hinges, you just need a few minutes.

Here are three ways to quickly banish squeaky or sticky door hinges – DIY style.

1. WD-40

Grab a can of WD-40 and go to town on those hinges. This is your first line of defense, and it’s usually going to work well. Spray the product right into the hinges, then move the door back and forth. You should immediately feel the door loosen as you work it in.

2. Petroleum Jelly

This isn’t as good as WD-40, but it’ll still work. Rub a pea-sized bit of petroleum jelly on the door hinges and then move the door back and forth as with the WD-40. Again, you should feel the door loosen up quickly.

3. Three-in-one oil

You’ll find three-in-one oil at any hardware store – just ask about it. To use this, you’ll have to lift the pins in the hinge halfway up, then lubricate them with the oil and push them back in. Be sure to use a cloth to catch drips as this product can cause stains.

With just a couple of minutes of DIY home magic, your door hinges won’t be a squeaky, stick problem!