Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Our home is where we feel secure, happy, and comfortable. But you never know that there are bad minds out there that could enter your home, vandalize it or do crimes in it. This doesn’t mean you can’t tough up your home and prevent these criminals and unwanted guests. Night time is when these bad guys do their work, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do it in the daytime, they do and there are many cases too. So suit up and get ready to keep your home safe as we provide you the ways to keep your home safe.

Keep eye-catching stuff

Keep your expensive and valuable things or gadgets out of your front yard or backyard as it attracts burglars and intimidates them to get their hand on that item. Grills are the most common stolen items at homes since their commonly located in the homes yards. A grill with wheels will make the thieves work much easier. There is nothing wrong storing your grill inside your home or garage, it’s for the best. If you don’t have a closed garage, always make sure to lock your vehicle properly, and make sure to put in a well-lit area.

Clear your yards of materials

These objects, tools, or materials can provide the intruder a tool to get inside your home easily, like when you leave a ladder in your backyard, the intruder can utilize it.

Know your neighbors

Do some background checks on them to know if they don’t have any criminal record or so. Also, socialize with them so you can ask them a favor of watching your house when you’re out of town.

Speak with the neighborhood association

If you see problems in the neighborhood regarding the people’s safety, speak to proper officials because it is your right. Common problems are the street lights if you see a street light not working, it is better to tell the association so they could run some solutions to it.

Always use curtains or blinds

Use curtains or blinds to prevent burglars seeing what items you have in your house, preventing them from making your home a subject or choice for burglary. You can also install curtains and blinds in your garage windows or basement windows. For a more high-tech feel, you can have some Home Automation installed in your home – like. motorized window shades installed in rooms, and in your own office.

Eliminate opportunities

Do not forget to leave your fences, windows, and doors unlocked. It will surely cause your home to be a subject for burglary, even more, if visible to the eye of an intruder. So train yourself and everyone in the household to always make sure that everything is locked, especially when night.

Purchase a CCTV system

Having these cameras in your home will make your house safer and could provide evidence of crimes committed in the house or even in the area. Consider purchasing a smart CCTV system since it has more features than ordinary CCTV systems. Smart CCTV systems can let you access the camera through your phone even when you’re not home.  (If you need a great computer consultant for managed computer services, click this line.)

Install motion sensor lighting

You should install a motion sensor lighting system for your home to easily detect burglars, and also alarm you. Having this would also scare burglars and making them have thoughts on entering your home.

Educate yourself and your family

It is better to have knowledge than to just leave your home gadgets to do the work on keeping you safe. But what if the burglar enters and you don’t know how to fight. Enroll yourself and your kids in self-defense to ensure yourself if things go wrong. Not only self-defense but also security and safety techniques and strategies to apply to your home.

Build an emergency doomsday room

Build an emergency doomsday room or bunker. If worst comes to worst that criminals have entered your home armed with weapons, it is better to have a secret bunker or hiding place with food, water, weapons, and medicine. Make sure the bunker is hard to find and access so the intruders won’t find you and your family. Also, make sure that your bunker has enough signal to make a call or a message.

Having a firearms license

Earn a firearms license and be a responsible citizen, purchase a firearm so you could have a weapon in your home. Place the firearm always near to you, mostly beside your bed. Or purchase multiple firearms to ensure yourself of having a weapon when you’re stuck in a certain area.

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